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Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer 5.0

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Toolbar features:

With support for live feeds and custom site search, Google Toolbar custom buttons are more than just bookmarks. Now custom buttons can even support Google Gadgets - when you click on the icon, the gadget will pop down from the Toolbar, no matter what site you are on and close when you are done with it. You can add some of your favorite Google Gadgets to your Toolbar.

Now you can access all of your Toolbar settings, bookmarks and custom buttons from any computer, no matter whether you're at home or on the go. Select the option to 'Access your Toolbar settings everywhere' in the Toolbar sign-in menu. Then, when you sign in to Google Toolbar on any computer where it is installed, your settings will be updated and any changes you make during that session will be saved.

Google Notebook is included with Google Toolbar 5, to make clipping, collecting and sharing information as you browse the web even easier. Notebook users will be able to access all of their current notebooks, and even add to them using the 'Star' icon. To launch the mini-notebook window, simply click on the 'Notebook' icon. Notebooks will also appear in the Bookmarks list, and you can navigate to all saved links from the bookmark menu.

With the Google Toolbar Find bar, you can search for words as you type and quickly locate and highlight key terms across different pages. Simply type 'Ctrl + F' to activate the Find bar at the bottom of the browser window, or select the 'Find as you type' feature through the 'Options' menu, under 'Tools' to highlight words on a page instantly as you type.

If you mistype a web address, instead of seeing a 404 or DNS error page, Google Toolbar will show you suggestions for the address you may have wanted as well as other navigation options. Visit to see this feature.

Filling out forms on the web just got even easier. With the improved AutoFill feature, you can keep several different profiles to serve your business and personal needs and store credit card information with password protection. When you start filling in a form online, you can hover over the AutoFill icon to preview the information and then click to actually fill it in. You can also start typing in the form and AutoFill will prompt you to choose the profile that you would like to use.

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